6 июля 2021

12 летний Абхиманью Мишра самый молодой гроссмейстер

12 летний Абхиманью Мишра стал самым молодым гроссмейстером в истории шахмат.


5 июля 2021

Гельфанд снова первый на фестивале в Леоне

Израильский гроссмейстер второй раз победил на фестивале в испанском Леоне.


4 июля 2021

Аронян выиграл Goldmoney Asian Rapid

В последний игровой день, Левон Аронян довольно быстро выиграл финал Goldmoney Asian Rapid. Потребовались всего две ...


2 июля 2021

В финале турнира GoldMoney сразятся Аронян и Артемьев

Армянский гроссмейстер Левон Аронян и россиянин Владислав Арьтемьев встретятся в финале турнира GoldMoney


19 апреля 2020

Каспаров справляет день рождения, пресс-конференция Дворковича

День рождения Каспарова, интервью Дворковича, «Uide Bol Cup» 2020. 


15 января 2018

Tata Steel chess 2018

В Голландии проходит традиционный супертурнир с участием сильнейших шахматистов мира.


25 декабря 2017

Принцы победили королей

В предпоследнюю неделю уходящего года в Москве проходил очередной турнир поколений «Щелкунчик».


24 декабря 2017

Приближается чемпионат в Саудовской Аравии

С 26 по 30 декабря в столице Саудовской Аравии Эр-Рияде пройдет чемпионат мира по рапиду и блицу.


23 декабря 2017

Aeroflot Open 2018

Уже ставший знаменитым турнир пройдет в российской столице с 19 февраля (день приезда) по 2 марта (день отъезда).


3 сентября 2017

Кубок мира стартует в Тбилиси.

128 гроссмейстеров разыграют две путевки в турнир претендентов. 


Lesson 11

Lesson 11. Importance of practice.

Human learns for all his life, starting from kindergarten and practically till his last days. However, person has very few real skills. Pupil in school is almost certain that he will never forget, that this year he studied in that class, he passed such subjects and interacted to those classmates, whose names were so and so.

A few years later he suddenly begins to realize that he had forgotten most of those things. Only the most vivid episodes remain in his memory.

Growing up human being practically does not change in this respect. Over the years he gets a lot of duties, interaction with people increased, huge amount of information passes through the human brain and major part of it disappears. Many people attend additional courses and trainings etc. However, result of that training is not always acceptable.

And all this happens because of lack of practice. As you know, in the learning process of any skill 30% of time shall be devoted to theory and 70% to practice. In fact, many people read smart books and manuals, and then they just forget the things written there. Famous proverb  says, "Don't say what you studied just say what you learned."

I would really like all information you got in this tutorial became practically useful for your chess skill. To get it you shall practice. Ideal option – any of your relatives who is not bad in chess. The most important you shall not be afraid to lose to a stronger opponent. Due to these losses your level will grow very quickly.

If there are no relatives computer will fit your. There are a very large number of chess playing programs that can be purchased in the stores. If this option is not enough, the program can be downloaded from the Internet. The most well-known brands are: Chessmaster, Fritz, Shredder, Rybka. If you are not able to find where to download the good program – mail to me. I will try to find and send the download link:)

It is not so interesting to play to computer, of course, as to real people, but it plays rather more precisely than human being. You will not get any random errors in that. I advise you to install not very strong level (GM cannot beat it), set up opponent level slightly higher than yours, so it would be more interesting and you would have  a space to grow. In addition, in Internet there are many play zones where you can play with other people online.

If you have decided to study chess seriously and hope to perform successfully in competitions, you can also enroll to chess school or coach. I am sure that strong chess professionals are available almost in every major city.

On this site you will get all conditions for further chess growth. Section "school" is updated with new lessons and new articles are added. Therefore, I do not say goodbye!

If you have any questions or suggestions concerning this textbook don’t hesitate to mail.  


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